Superior Lithographics Receives First Lithec USA Installation of In-Press Color Scanner

We at Lithec USA are proud to announce our first LithoFlash Inline installation in the United States. The installation was completed just last month for Superior Lithographics, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Superior Lithographics is a 30-year litho-label, top sheet and folding carton manufacturer.  Known for high quality printing, Superior Lithographics is always looking for ways to improve their processes to achieve the best quality and customer satisfaction.  The LithoFlash system will now give them an edge over competition, with consistent color control, reduced make ready time and minimal waste.

They installed a full LithoFlash system on their 64” KBA 162 with UV. The installation went smoothly and the results have been immediate.

Lithoflash Install.jpg

From Left to Right: 
John Woessner, Service Engineer of ServiceAccess; Peter Petrow, Service Engineer of Lithec GMBH; Clyde Tillman, CEO of Access Group; Carlos Camarena, 1st Pressman; Doug Rawson, CEO & Founder; Jeff Ku, VP Operations; Jim Eakin, Print Production Manager; Cuco Urena, 1st Pressman

“I think the biggest evidence of a good product with an easy interface is the fact that every one of our pressmen like the system and have bought in to letting the system control the color.”
- Jim Eakin, Print Production Manager 

“We have already seen substantial savings in paper and time in just our first few weeks of running the system. We will definitely be adding the LithoFlash to our other presses.”
- Jeff Ku, VP Operations 

“The Lithec team was very attentive to our needs and adjusted to our schedule during the installation process. All of our people like the system. It was a good decision for us.”
- Doug Rawson, CEO

Superior Installs New Folding Carton Quality Inspection System

Superior has partnered with Baumer HHS to upgrade one of its legacy folder-gluers with a variety of inline quality inspection systems including lot code scanning, color scanning, glue detection, and auto rejection.  While the machine has always had barcode detection, these additional sensors allow for more consistent product and reduces the need for reliance on human intervention.  This move effectively equalizes our folding-gluing equipment standards and increases scheduling flexibility in order to meet our customers' quick lead-time expectations.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our team to arrange a tour.