It all began when...

Doug Rawson, a corrugated box salesman, identified a need for high quality, large-format litho labels to address the demands of a new retail concept called Price Club, known today as Costco. The printed packaging was the "silent salesperson" required to sell the product in this warehouse environment. When the local printer he was buying the litho labels from went out of business, Doug went out on his own and purchased an old printing press to continue to service his customers. The company started with just three employees.

For 23 years, Superior operated as a conventional printer under an "old-school top-down" management style. In 2011, a Printers' Continuous Improvement conference inspired a transformation that made Superior what it is today: a continuously improving organization focused on respecting its people, its suppliers and its customers. 

Superior continued to supply the packaging and display industry with litho labels and top sheets and in 2006, the folding carton operation was formed when customers expressed a desire for their individual packaging to match their litho-laminated products.