At Superior we understand that the Earth has finite resources and recognize that we all share an obligation to ensure that these resources are used wisely. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to doing our part by keeping "green." Packaging may be our livelihood, but we're dedicated to protecting our planet. With this in mind, we make a conscious effort employing processes that are environmentally sound.  And we've been doing this for over twenty years - not because it's popular or trendy, but because it's the right thing to do. 

We use recycled paper. We recycle what we don't ship. We invest in energy efficient equipment. We run the rest on our solar power. We employ practices that minimize waste and overruns. We use environmentally-safe pressroom chemicals. We use responsibly sourced packaging products. And we stay current on industry trends so we integrate them into our business operations as new green initiatives are introduced,

We are certified to SFI standards. You and your customers can be assured that the paperboard packaging we produce is from a legal and responsible source. By supporting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® program, Superior Lithographics is helping to strengthen forestry practices in North America and promote responsible sourcing to the rest of the world.

Superior Lithographics is certified to FSC standards. FSC is a chain-of-custody program which requires that the materials used to manufacture the product or printed piece are sourced responsibly and renewably. Every entity that touches the product - from the logger to the printer - must be FSC certified. 

These chain-of-custody programs ensure that 110% of the trees consumed to make certified packages have been replanted. 

Powered by the sun

Comprised of 1,344 individual panels, our system covers over an acre of our roof and is one of the largest solar arrays of any printer in the state! Here are some interesting facts about our solar panels:

Over the course of a year, our system will offset the amount of pollution generated by

  • 91 cars driven (based on each car travelling 11,000 miles a year)
  • 1,000,000 miles driven by a passenger vehicle
  • 1000 barrels of oil consumed
  • 464,000 pounds of coal burned
  • 60 homes' electricity use
  • 155 tons of waste sent to a landfill

From an environmental standpoint, our system will have the same positive effect as

  • Planting 11,000 tree seedlings and growing them for 10 years
  • Planting an acre of forest every day for an entire year

To learn more about how this project came to fruition, click here.