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QR Code Applications are growing every day. Below, you'll find linkes for QR code news. There are also links to the newest QR code case study information. At Superior, we stay on top of the most exciting business trends, so we know that QR code applications are the "next big thing" for fast and easy tracking and shipping.

Purina QR Codes Drive Holiday Donations

There’s no doubt that the use of QR codes has grown tremendously in the last year. You can now see them everywhere — from airport parking lots to the pages of magazines.READ >>

Coca Cola Trials US QR Code Promo for Festive Period

Ubiquitous beverage giant Coca Cola is belatedly dipping its toes into the QR code water with the launch of a polystyrene mug campaign branded with the firm's iconic polar bear mascot.READ >>

Consumer Value Critical in Mobile Marketing Success

Over the past two years, the U.S. has seen tremendous growth in the use of interactive mobile marketing technologies to connect savvy consumer brands with their increasingly mobile-enabled consumers.READ >>

QR Codes 101

An introduction to the 2-D sensation that's sweeping the nation. In the past two years, we've heard quite a Quick Response (QR) Code buzz in the printing industry. In an increasingly wireless... READ >>

Beyond the Barcode

QR codes enable retailers to deliver a wealth of information to the shelf edge via shoppers' mobile phones. In 1973, the first Universal Product Codes (UPCs) were introduced...READ >>

Marketers Embracing QR Codes

A confused crossword puzzle. A psychedelic postage stamp. A bar code on drugs. This is how a QR, or Quick Response, code may appear to most people...READ >>

QR Code Adoption Grows, Particularly Among Those 35-44

The rise of smartphones has given way to the rise of plenty of interesting marketing strategies QR codes among them. Simply put, they're a way to bring people in the physical world...READ >>

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