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Interactive Packaging...Giving Your Box Selling Power

Less than 3 seconds. That's how long a shopper considers your package before deciding whether or not to buy it. And quite often, it's the packaging - not necessarily the product itself - that influences that decision. That's why getting the package right is so important.

But making your packaging look great is only the beginning. Now, you can use your packaging to create an interactive and engaging shopping experience for your customers. And what's more, you can make it happen right at the ultimate Purchasing Decision Point (PDP) - as shoppers are about to pick a product from the shelf.

We call it activating your brand...and it's all possible with our Interactive Packaging, driven by Quick Response (QR) codes.

Quick Response (QR) codes do exactly what they say they'll do: let you respond to consumers in an instant.

With a swipe of their mobile phones, shoppers can scan the QR code printed on your box, and immediately access a branded page on the mobile web - featuring a world of information that drives their buying decision, from coupons and promotions, to recipes and complementary product suggestions, and more.

And just like that, your static box becomes an interactive package.

The beauty is that the shoppers are the ones who activate your their choice. Instead of just three seconds, imagine capturing their attention for three MINUTES! If your packaging can engage the shopper that deeply, right at the PDP, you'll sell more product and build affinity for your brand.

You put your company on the Internet years let us put your product on the mobile web! Superior Graphic Packaging makes getting started with interactive packaging as easy as flipping a switch - so you don't have to fuss with technology or purchase expensive software. Here's how it works:

  • STEP 1 : Choose 3 or more engagement modules, such as Coupons, Videos, Recipes, Social Media, Location, Live Chat, and more.
  • STEP 2 : We add your logo, colors, images, and other content onto our mobile Internet platform.
  • STEP 3 : We create your unique mobile web site (host it and secure it, too!), generate the custom QR code, and print it on your next order of packaging.

It's that easy: your brand is officially ACTIVATED!

No more waiting for store sales data to come in! Superior Interactive Packaging not only gives your customers a quick response - it lets you gauge the effectiveness of product promotions on the spot.

As soon as your brand-activated products hit the shelves, you can:

  • Monitor shopper interaction with the QR codes and branded content
  • Measure the effectiveness of your coupons and promotions
  • Add location-based promotions to better align with shopper demographics
  • Dynamically change or create new promotions for products already on the shelf - all in real-time - with no changes to the actual packaging itself
  • Create brand ambassadors by linking mobile Brand Activation content with social media like your Facebook or twitter profiles
  • And more...

To experience an Interactive Packaging demo or to further explore how Superior can activate your brand, fill out the form below or call us today at 323.263.8400

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